COPD Med 3- Belgrade, September 2019

International Congress: Management of Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Diseases- Belgrade, April 2019

European Respiratory Society Congress- Paris, France, September 2018

COPD Treatment- Ongoing Challenges- Belgrade, April 2018

European Respiratory Society Congress- Milan, Italy, September 2017

Pneumoupdate- Vienna, Austria, June 2017

4th European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology- Belgrade, April 2017

Promotion of the movie: “How we checkmated the Yellow Lady”- Belgrade, March 2017

International Congress: Update in Pulmonology and Interventional Bronchoscopy- Belgrade, September 2016

Pneumo Update Europe- Prague, Czech Republic, June 2016

News in pulmonology, the first international symposium on the topic- Petrovac, Montenegro, June 2016

European Respiratory Society Congress- Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2015

Palliative Care– Multidisciplinary Approach- Belgrade, September 2015

COPD and cardiovascular disease- two manifestation of the same disease? Belgrade, September 2015

Update in Interventional Pulmonology- Belgrade, July 2015

2nd European Update Congress in Pneumology- Budapest, Hungary, June 2015

European Respiratory Society Congress- Munich, Germany, 2014

Serbian Congress of Respiratory Medicine- Belgrade, 2013

European Respiratory Society Congress- Barcelona, Spain, 2013

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