„COPD Treatment – Ongoing Challenges” Belgrade, 21. April 2018.

Respected colleagues,  

It is our great pleasure to inform you, that on the 21st of April 2018, in Hotel “M” in Belgrade, Respiratory Society of Serbia (RSS) will be holding an expert meeting called “COPD Treatment – Ongoing Challenges”.

The purpose of the meeting is comprehensive review of epidemiological, diagnostic and clinical aspects of this disease and condition. Lecturers of various subspecialties will show the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to this topic. The planned auditorium consists of pulmonologists, cardiologists, radiologists, general internists and other specialists dealing with adult medicine.

Socializing and discussion at this meeting will contribute to the clarification of diagnostic-therapeutic dilemmas in patients with COPD, as well as the development of multidisciplinary collaboration in respiratory medicine.

The meeting is accredited by the Health Council of Serbia under the number A-1-779/18 and it has 6 points for the participants.

The expert meeting is supported by the European Respiratory Society (ERS).

Registration fee for participation in the meeting is 60 Euros (+VAT) for members of the Society, and 80 Euros (+VAT) for other participants in the meeting. You can transfer the registration fee to the current account number 250143000035576042 Eurobank a.d. Belgrade. 

Sincerely, on behalf of the Respiratory Society of Serbia,

Organizers of the meeting

Prof. dr Violeta Vučinić-Mihailović, President of the RSS
Prof. dr Branislava Milenković, President of the RSS Assembly